You deserve better than blog standard

You deserve better than blog standard

Don’t read these blogs.

Each of them contains some tool, technique, or strategy to help you write your copy, righter. So, if you read them all, you might not need me anymore.

You’d think I’d stop writing them. Fill the site with pretty puff pieces instead. But I won’t.

Because you deserve better than blog standard.

A bunch of bananas. One banana has been removed from the punch and has had two goggly eyes stuck to it. It's seen things. Things you wouldn't believe.

I can do a lot with a little (just ask my wife)

When your budget is smaller than you’d like, it can feel like your hands are tied. But Your Copy, Righter can get big results on a small budget.

Be your prospect’s Obi-Wan Kenobi

Your marketing always has a story. It’s just not always you who’s telling it. But be your prospect's mentor and you'll be part of their story from the very beginning.
A woman in 1950s dress is grimacing and rolling her eyes. She's distinctly unimpressed. Maybe she just opened a Kinder egg?

Are you giving prospects a case of the ‘who f**king cares?’

‘Who f**king cares?’ is the question you’re not asking yourself. And it’s why your copy stinks.
A suprised lady with an open mouth, has a cheeky expression.

They like it when it’s longer*

Because long copy works better than short copy, you filthy animal.

Ready for a small prick

Get a shot of smarty pants insights into your copy

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A man wearing glasses, a lab coat and a stethocope looks to camera. He is holding a notepad and pen, and is taking notes.