How To Get Your Copy, Righter

How To Get Your Copy, Righter

There’s lots of ways to get your copy, righter. But life’s short, so I grouped them into three categories.

Find out how to get your copy, righter and enjoy all the success that brings.

And if you’re not sure what you need, drop me a line and I’ll help you figure it out.

Caffeinated copywriting

Putting your prospects into a content coma? Your copy, righter is a shot of caffeinated copy that makes you look good and generates sales.

Your business is complex. Technical. Perhaps you think it’s “a bit boring”. But there’s no such thing as boring. Just badly explained.

Your copy, righter speaks to your prospects with personality, opinion, and purpose, entertaining them in order to educate.

Because B2B shouldn’t mean Board 2 Bored. After all, “You can’t bore people into buying.”

So stop laying out pillows and horlicks for your prospects and inject a little caffeinated copy into your brand.

“James wrote a piece of content that was unique, that had thorough, deep understanding of the market, the industry and our product. I was very proud to put out that content.”

James Gill, CEO of GoSquared

Headshot of James Gill, smiling and looking to the viewer.

If content is king, strategy is the limo

Cracking content without a stellar strategy is King Charles in Norwich city centre: powerful but lost.

A content strategy is all about putting the right content in front of the right person at the right time. Without it, even your best content flounders. And so your investment sinks.

But bring out that content strategy limo, and you’re putting Charlie and your business right where they belong:

On the throne.

“James’s keen insights helped us rethink our content strategy and tailor it to different sales funnel parts, engaging our potential customers and driving conversions.”

Ben Collier, co-founder of Ocasta

Ben Collier smiling to the camera in a closely cropped headshot.

Consultation: brain for rent, heavily used

My brain’s filled with two decades of content strategy and copywriting experience. And I’ll let you borrow it to make your copy, righter.

Need an expert eye to get some copy back on track? Need someone to mentor or train your teams? Need temporary support for a project or to cover a staff shortage?

I can step into your business smoother than Elton John into Christmas. We’ll have a copy boogie, get the job done, and be home in time for Santa. Or, in your case, serious business results.

So however you need support, get in touch for a consult. I promise you won’t have to cough.

“James’ creativity and enthusiasm for crafting engaging content makes him fun to work with. His input has added value to the projects he’s worked on for our company.”

Nicole Sparrow, PR & Marketing Communications Manager at Learning Resources (UK)

Nicole's headshot is closely cropped, with mid-length blonde hair.

Not sure what you need?

No problem. Your job is to know what your goal is. My job is to figure out how words will get you there.

So if you don’t know what you need me to do, that’s okay. You bring the problem. I’ll bring the solution. It’s what I do.

Unleash your inner ponies

Stop holding your horses.

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