Are you putting your prospects into a content coma?

Are you putting your prospects into a content coma?

Your copy, righter is the shot of caffeinated copy that wakes up your prospects, makes you look good, and generates new sales.

It speaks to your prospects with personality, opinion, and purpose, entertaining them in order to educate.

Because B2B shouldn’t mean Board 2 Bored. After all, “You can’t bore people into buying.”

So stop laying out pillows and horlicks for your prospects and inject a little caffeinated copy into your brand.

Jane is smiling to camera with long dark hair.

“James writes engaging copy that leaves you smiling and never undervalues the seriousness of what we do.”

Jane Margetts, Marketing Director at Restore Records Management

How I bake your copy cake

Your copy, righter is like a Great British Bake Off showstopper: it looks great and there’s a lot of unique work that goes into it.

Here are the secret ingredients that guarantee a handshake every time your copy, righter comes out of the oven.

Self-Raising Research

Expert interviews, customer discussions, language analysis. You don’t need to do any of it. I’ll do all the research needed to make your copy, righter.

A Sprinkling of Levers

Your prospects think they’re logical. But, like everyone else, their heads rationalise decisions their hearts already made. I use the right copywriting techniques and behavioural psychology to pull emotional levers and persuade your prospects to act.

Lashings of Zombie Food

You came to me for creativity, opinions, and experience. So every word comes straight out of my brain. No AI, no outsourcing, no cheating. Just my tasty frontal lobes.

A Spoonful of Strategy

Strategic thinking is key to getting your copy, righter. I consider where the copy will sit amongst your other content, where it sits in your buyer journey, and what I can do to exceed your business objectives.

Sticky Promises

You want a copywriter who’s easy to work with. Who does what they say they will. Who turns up on time and hits deadlines. Your copy, righter is as much about keeping promises as it is about great copy.

I whisk all these ingredients together with the Oxford English Dictionary and bake it at gas mark 4.

Ready for a taste?

“James wrote a piece of content that was unique, that had thorough, deep understanding of the market, the industry and our product. I was very proud to put out that content.”

James Gill, CEO of GoSquared

Headshot of James Gill, smiling and looking to the viewer.

How do I get my copy, righter?

Wondering where my word-babies come from?

Well, when a client and I like each other very much, we work together on a project and make some magic happen.


Every project starts with a quick video call. This lets us both talk through the project, ask any questions, and see if we’re a good fit for each other.


From all of this, we’ll outline the project. Spoiler alert: sometimes this won’t look the way you thought it would. Part of my job is to come up with creative solutions, so I’ll always be looking for the best ways to solve your problems.


Dull but important. The contract sets out exactly what you’ll receive and when. The invoice will (usually) be for 50% of the agreed fee (the rest is due upon final delivery). Once these are signed and paid, I can get cracking.

This is where the fun begins

Where appropriate, we’ll set up calls with your in-house experts for technical insights and with customers for their client-side insights.

Then, once I’ve got everything I need, I get to writing.

Writing isn’t very exciting to watch. It’s why you’ll never be sitting down to watch the Great British Write Off.

So I don’t offer livestreams or updates (Dear Diary: today I wrote 1000 words, deleted 1002, cried a bit, wrote 50 words and liked some of them). But rest assured: the magic is happening.

Deadlifeline Day

The word “deadline” is morbid, innit? And your copy, righter will give your business a new lease of life. So “lifeline day” it is.

This is the day you’ll get your shiny new words in a Google Doc by 17:30. I’ll add any suggestions about how the design or layout could accentuate the impact too.

Need some tweaks? Don’t worry, I’m happy to make any little changes you might need.

Ticket to smug-ville

Time for you to put your feet up, happy in the knowledge that you’ve got some stellar copy that will achieve your business objectives and prove to your boss that getting your copy, righter was a smart idea.

James + James = engagement

You’re impressed (naturally), but trusting someone to write your copy is a daunting prospect.

So why not find out how James Gill overcame his own misgivings?

““The outcome was a piece of content that was unique, that had thorough, deep understanding of the market, the industry and our product.””
James Gill, CEO of GoSquared
Read the rest of James’ story to find out how his trust was rewarded by getting his copy, righter..
Headshot of James Gill, smiling and looking to the viewer.
A 30s style cartoon image of a man wearing large underpant style briefs and pulling on a tight vest top.

Brief FAQS.

You’ve got burning questions.
I’ve got ointment answers.

What's your specialism?

I work with businesses to take their complex, technical, or “boring” services and make them engaging and easy to understand.

That means it’s not the industry I specialise in, but the challenge.

Consequently, I’ve worked with healthcare providers and SaaS firms, insurance companies and the NHS, storage companies and toy retailers…you get the idea.

Will you work with me?

It’s important to me that we’re a good fit for each other and that I’ll have a positive impact on your project. If that’s the case, then yes; let’s work together!

The only projects I’ll turn down without consideration are those to do with gambling, crypto, and all that nonsense.

But it’s an immediate yes to Lucasfilm. If you’re reading this, Kathleen Kennedy, I’ll write anything.

Seriously, Kathleen. Call me.

How much will it cost?

I quote on a project basis. You and I talk about your needs, figure out what you need and when you need it by, and I give you a concrete quote. And that quote doesn’t change unless the project changes.

Easy budgeting for you and I can focus on your project instead of fiddling with stopwatches.


What's your day rate?

Day rates mean guesswork and uncertainty. How can you project your investment when the final invoice is based on something as uncertain as “how long did it take me?” That’s why I work on the aforementioned project basis.

Can I pay you by the word?

Do you use AI tools to write copy?

No. I’ve tested AI tools extensively and they’re a false economy. They’re only useful if you’re happy with mediocre, forgettable filler copy. And that’s not why you came to me.

How quickly can you deliver my project?

I get booked up pretty quickly, so I advise booking in your project at minimum a month in advance.

I do my best to accommodate urgent requests, and I’ll move mountains if I can. But if completing a job would need me to put in extra hours away from my family, I reserve the right to charge a premium.

When will I get the work?

I deliver work by 17:30 on the date we agreed in the contract.

There are a few exceptions:

  1. I didn’t receive the materials I needed by the date we agreed.
  2. The invoice wasn’t paid by the date we agreed.
  3. Bruce Willis failed to blow up the meteor heading towards Earth.

Can I see an in-progress draft?


I get it, you’re excited to see what you’re going to get. But what I do isn’t like building houses; the foundations can change at any time. So sneaking a peek at your copy is no reliable indicator of what you’ll end up receiving.

Hands off your bum

Time to stop sitting on your hands and get in touch.

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