Meet the copywriter writing Your Copy, Righter

Meet the copywriter writing Your Copy, Righter

Hello there*, I’m James and I’m here to make your copy, righter.

With a career old enough to vote (20 years and counting!), I’ve worked as a content strategist and copywriter in-house and with agencies. And then I founded Your Copy, Righter to help your business outshine your competitors and attract more customers with stand-out copy.

Want to know more about me before we work together? No problem

Things to know about me

I paraphrase Ewan McGregor

Because every time we create something, we have a choice: we can choose dull, choose uninteresting, choose ineffective.

Or we can choose something else: we can choose great.

That’s what Your Copy, Righter is all about: putting every word to work, making every one of them great. Because if you can win hearts with your Privacy Policy, why wouldn’t you?

“James is a content king! He is a passionate storyteller with SEO skills and a sense of humour to boot.”
Kristi Roper, UK Regional Marketing Manager at EazyStock

I solve problems

Know what your goal is but not sure how to get there? No problem. I’ll suggest ways we can achieve your business objectives, so you can come to me with a problem knowing you’ll get a solution.

And if you know exactly what you want? You can rest easy knowing I’ll always be thinking of ways we can do it even better.

“From the first call, James was both incredibly lovely and properly knowledgable. The kind of knowledgable where you can just relax and trust him to lead the process and produce the goods.”
Penni Pickering, Co-Founder of Kabo Creative

I’m a proud #girldad

I work a three-day week. That’s right. Every Wednesday and Thursday, I look after my two daughters while my wife works. It’s great.

“It’s a really nice feeling to work with someone who puts their family first. If I need something, I’ll still wait for James because he’s so good.”
Jane Margetts, Marketing Director at Restore Records Management

I love my work. You will too.

I do what I do because I love doing it and I love doing it well. So, aside from delivering excellent service and stand-out copy, I like to make sure we enjoy what we’re doing.

“James was professional from start to finish, and a delight to hop on calls with. James not only ensured that we received the deliverables on time, but that we had fun along the way — not always easy over Zoom!”
James Gill, CEO of GoSquared

Based in a fine city

I grew up in South-East London and moved to Norwich. It wasn’t part of some grand plan. I came here for university, but I ended up meeting a girl, starting a family, and settling down. Now I get to enjoy all the benefits of living in the fine city while working with clients all over the country.

If you’re in Norwich, let’s chat over a beverage. If you’re not, listen closely on our video call and see if you can detect a Norfolk twang. I can’t hear it, but my wife reckons it’s creeping in.

Jo is smiling facing forward with long dark hair.

“A lot of it is trust. When you have a conversation with somebody, you have this instinctive feel about them. And after speaking to James, I was all in. I knew I could trust this guy.”

Jo Pickering, Co-Founder of Kabo Creative

I’m all ears

Enough about me. Tell me about you.

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*If you thought, “General Kenobi”, let’s be friends.
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