I can do a lot with a little (just ask my wife)

I can do a lot with a little (just ask my wife)

When your budget is smaller than you’d like, it can feel like your hands are tied.

And not in a good way.

But while you’re thinking about all the things you can’t do, there’s so much you can do. Especially when you have your copy, righter.


First of all, your copy, righter is effective no matter where it is.

For example, I hate caravanning. I’m not a fan of bumper stickers.

But one day, when walking to work together, my wife and I spotted a caravan with a bumper sticker that read “adventure before dementia.” And, despite the medium, the words spoke to us.

The medium held no interest to us whatsoever. But now we quote those words to each other. Because the copy was effective (hello, Rhyme-as-Reason bias!)

And you’ll have your own examples. Ads for products you don’t like, graffiti on a building you do like, a line in an otherwise boring movie or simply scribbled notes on scraps of paper. All mediums you didn’t care for, all of which have inexplicably stuck with you.

Because great copy resonates with the reader regardless of the medium.

Which means that one piece of great copy can form the basis of dozens of pieces of marketing material.


Repurposing is brilliant.

It’s brilliant from your prospect’s perspective, because it means the excellent, useful content won’t be locked in a podcast when they prefer to read, or trapped in a whitepaper when they’d prefer a video.

And it’s brilliant from your perspective, because it squeezes every last penny out of your content investment.

For example, let’s say I’d written you a cracking white paper. An excellent investment, but why stop there?

Record someone reading it. Boom. You have a podcast. Even better, get two of your experts to discuss the contents. Now you have a podcast promoting the piece and a commentary for those who already read it.

Put a camera on either of these recordings, and now you have video content.

Pull out the best bits of the white paper for long-form social posts such as threads or LinkedIn articles. You can also build emails out of these sections too.

And, of course, pull out shorter quotes for tweets, lines for your sales team, and so on.

Look at all that material. All from one white paper. And all requiring very little extra investment.

But what about when budget limitations is holding you back from the huge campaign of your dreams? That’s when Your Copy, Righter can make £100 feel like £10,000.


Director of Marketing Jane Margetts wanted a video to help spread awareness of Restore Records Management’s new positioning. But she looked at her budget and decided she could do more if she didn’t blow it all on expensive shoots.

With nothing but a library of old, humdrum footage, she could have given up on her desire for a video. Instead, Your Copy, Righter gave her another option.

Jane was also working with the irrepressible Baz Richardson who had an idea: why not make a new video from the old footage? So I wrote a script that didn’t shy away from the fact we were using “boring” old footage. In fact, I drew attention to it with lines like:

Have a watch and see it in action.

A new script. An old video recut and rejuvenated by the inimitable Baz Richardson. A pitch perfect voiceover by the enviable Donna Coulling. And Jane had a new video that was within budget and made an impact.

How big an impact? How does 63,000 views sound? Not bad for a corporate video all about your new positioning, eh?


Life’s easy when you’ve got a big budget. You have an idea, like the idea, do the idea.

But when you’re working with toothpicks and tape, that beloved idea might seem impossible. Until some creative puzzle-solving finds a way to do it anyway.

And because great copy works regardless of the medium, it can do a lot of heavy lifting if your budget skipped the last few gym sessions.

In short, Your Copy, Righter helps you do a lot with a little. And your boss (and my wife) will thank you for it.

So maybe get in touch?

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